Poker History

SportnutrizioneregolepokertexasholdemriverPoker is a game that has literally been played for ages. Since the dawn of mankind, man has been placing bets on chance. This is what poker online is, a game of chance just with cards. Over the vast history of poker, the game has evolved and changed but where did it originate? No-one knows the real answer to this question, but it is believed that pokerr was invented roughly around 969 AD. The man responsible for the invention of this card game is also believed to be the Chinese Emperor Mu-tsung. This was a game played with domino cards which resemble the design and suits of poker cards of today.

As early as the twelfth century, it is also believed that the Egyptians played a form of poker with a game that used playing cards. There were also the Persian Treasure Cards of the sixteenth century. These decks were formed with ninety six cards, instead of the common modern fifty two card decks.

The French also played various card games which resembled poker, as well as the Germans who played a game from the eighteenth century they had called “Primero”. This game utilized cards and also involved bluffing your opponent based on how many of one particular card you possessed in your hand. This game has often been considered the starting point of what we know as poker today.

When the French came to the new world they brought this card game with them. When New Orleans was found and settled, this card game quickly became the most well known game in the territory. The game would quickly spread across the American settlements and territories. The game was quickly referred to as the “cheating game” in early writings and reviews.

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This game had begun to spun new games such as Three Card Monte which in itself is another cheating game all of its own. However it was not until Jonathan Green came along and renamed the cheating game poker that poker took off in America; and especially during the Wild West era of the country the game was played in just about every tavern and inn.

There were also many variations of this game during this time as well. The game was played during the Civil War and continued to become a favorite game until the introduction of the Joker card in 1875. This card was part of the European influence on the game which was not much of a surprise since many European trends crept into everyday life then. It was a popular game for almost two centuries; however it was not until the mid 1990s that the game Texas Hold’em took hold of the poker playing culture. This game alone has thrust poker into the spotlight.

Blackjack Decks and Player Positions


Today, we’re going to take a look at a couple key components to the game of Blackjack in the casino-decks and player positions.


Blackjack can be played with any number of decks. As the number of decks increase, the game becomes better for the house (casino). In the old days, the game was single-deck Blackjack. Eventually, casinos figured out that they could improve their odds by adding one more deck.

Today, single-deck Blackjack in the real world can be hard to find-unless you want to play $25+ per hand. Usually, the lower limit tables (under $25 per hand) are multi-deck pokerstars games. Most of those use 4,6 or 8 decks.

Don’t be fooled by online casinos. Yes, they may use a single deck, but the deck is shuffled after each hand (unless specified). This isn’t the same as a single-deck game in the real world, because those games aren’t shuffled after each hand. It makes a difference. Real world single deck games are better for you.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t play Blackjack online. Just be aware of the differences. For instance, since the online casinos shuffle after each hand, counting cards is of no use to you.

Player Positioning

If you’re playing Blackjack by yourself, this section won’t matter. But, if you’re playing with others, it pays to know the order of play. The order of play starts with the player position to the left of the dealer. This position is known as first base. The order of play continues in a clockwise direction. The last player position to play is to the immediate right of the deal. This position is known as third base and it’s a coveted position to be in.

If you’re walking up to a table and you’re newer to Blackjack, don’t sit in the third base position. If you make a playing mistake, the rest of the table might suffer and they’ll be mad at you. However, if you’re an experienced Blackjack player, the third base position is one that you’ll most likely want.

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Some players are superstitious and will only sit in certain spots. In reality, it’s all luck of the draw. The only true constant is that a poor player sitting at third base can wreck a table. For instance, the dealer might have a 6 showing and the poor player hits on 15, gets a face card and busts. The dealer then turns over a face card, gets a 3 and stands on 19-perhaps wiping everyone out.

If you’re that player and that situation happens, you’ll cease to have fun. Players will be staring you down and you won’t enjoy your “fun” time. Newer players might want to sit at first base if possible. This is the first position to act each hand and it’s right next 啤 牌 game to the dealer. It’s a great spot if you think you’ll need some playing assistance.

Beginning Blackjack

2-strategi-blackjackBlackjack is one of the oldest and easiest card games to learn how to manipulate and one of the most rewarding card games any first-time casino-bound beginner can play. The simple conceptual rules leave much room for any novice to succeed.

A basic overview of the game can be taught in a mere fifteen minutes, however, the bulk of mastering it like a seasoned casino pro does come from devoting a strenuous effort to the discipline and strategy of this classic French card game standby. For beginning players though, it takes little more than controlling simple math principals like basic addition, combined with a cunning observation of human behavior and a touch of strategy to learn the card game of blackjack.

Because of the varying levels of chance and yet still the opportunity to employ strategic tactics, blackjack is the only casino game at which one stands a chance to truly outsmart and beat the house. Gaining a sharp rise in American player popularity in the 1960′s, blackjack, once called “21″ based on the maximum card count total before a hand busts, is now one of the most sought-after card games in casinos worldwide.

Another reason this game has sustained and increased in its number of players, is because of the increasing accessibility of online blackjack games. This card game is an “every man’s” game and due to its quick learning time and the advent of Internet gambling sites, there has been a modern revitalization of the game in both real-time and virtual environments.

There is a level of independence in blackjack, and perhaps that solitary sense that a player is facing off individually against the dealer might be part of the appeal. As each player tries to beat the dealer one-on-one, other players are simultaneously doing the same. There is both a social and non-social element to the game play.

Simply learning the ropes of the game is enough to get one started, however, devoting a few hours to attaining the basic strategies of card prediction and card counting is the key to having a higher payout and a better grasp of the more advanced techniques. A short time of practicing these strategic maneuvers will propel a basic player from a run-of-the-mill neighborhood poker night player to a player who would have a great edge in a public casino.

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If a player knows the more popular and assured strategies like card counting, which is mentally tracking the high and low cards of the deck, blackjack is much simpler to sweep than other card games. Although the house will always have a statistical edge, the component of player choice makes the game sway positively toward the player in a way that no other card game can.

As with most games, experience is another essential component in mastering blackjack play. The casino circuit is the best way to collect the practice needed to excel, because the environment is tense and the play is quick, which can teach a player to acclimate to the speedy wit necessary to win big.

However, the online blackjack options and home play are also beneficial and probably more practical for most new players.
The benefits of mastering blackjack are more rewarding than most people imagine. The time invested in learning the game and blackjack strategy produces a feeling of exercising the mind while at the same time enabling a player to take home a little quick pay dirt – a great monetary reward for a few hands of fun card playing.

Blackjack Card Counting

big slick clubsCounting cards at Blackjack is a learned skill and frowned upon by casinos. In fact if they think you are doing this and winning they may bar you from playing Blackjack in their facility. What is card counting and why are the casinos leery of players who can count cards?

There is no way this could be considered cheating, but a player who is good at this method is treated like a cheater. The reason the player is feared who can do this with skill and discipline is simple. It puts the odds in the player’s favor. The house edge in the game is destroyed when the deck is rich in face cards.

The odds for the rest of the shoe will remain with the player to win more bets than the dealer due to the fact that he can wave off hitting a card on a break hand. The dealer must hit any hand lower than soft 17 (Ace and a six). A rich shoe in face cards means the dealer has a higher chance of busting their hand.

There are several good books on this method of play, which are easily found on the Internet or in any bookstore for gamblers. The idea is to count the shoe down by keeping track of the cards as the dealer shows them. You know how many face cards are in a six-deck shoe and how many cards are under six not counting the aces.

When the low cards are at minimum and the high cards have a numerical advantage the shoe favors the player. How out of line the shoe is in high versus low cards will determine how much the shoe favors the player. When this situation is present, the player raises the size of the bets.

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One of the ways the card counters have defeated detection is to have another player on their team actually make weird bets, but always increasing them when the shoe is favorable. One team even used a team member with the alias of the mad bomber to show up at an advantaged table, make a few bets and leave. This team used this ploy for a long time before they got caught.

Card counting was terrific, when the casinos dealt a lot of single deck games. The shoe dealing has made card counting much harder to do effectively. If you are willing to take the time to learn this method of play, be advised that if you are good at it you will be caught eventually, but up until that time it is possible to win consistently.

Benefits Of And Tips For Online Casino Games

77Do you like the idea of playing casino games through the Internet? If you have been a casino enthusiast for quite some time, you’ve probably heard of online casino games. However, it wouldn’t be strange to learn that you haven’t tried playing online since a few players do have doubts about it. While there will always be a few risks, casino enthusiasts shouldn’t miss out on the advantages that the online platform can provide. First on the list is convenience.

If a casino is too far and you have to spend time traveling just to get there, wouldn’t access to casino games at home be better? You will no longer have to bother with the long commutes and the additional expense of gas or public transport. With online casinos, you can also look forward to big bonuses and exciting promotions.

They come in different forms. Normally, you will find sign-up bonuses, no-deposit bonuses and cash-back bonuses. Another reason online casinos are an excellent option for gaming is the availability of free games. This will allow you to see if online gaming is something you will enjoy. And if you really choose to shift to virtual casinos, free games can help you familiarize yourself with the games before betting for real money.

Practice playing blackjack online for free so you can increase your odds of winning when joining an actual game. There are other benefits that online casinos offer, but you can only enjoy them by keeping the following tips in mind. One is the importance of choosing a good site. Don’t be oblivious to scam operations. Your objective is to locate a legitimate site that can give you the best gaming experience possible.

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This is possible through a variety of ways. Ensure that they are licensed to operate in your area. There are also tons of online reviews that you can read to get more information about a particular site you might be interested in. Apart from this, you should also remember that self-discipline is important.

Even if you are successful in finding the best sites like that of Casino Room, if you don’t know how to set a budget and stick to it, you will eventually eat too far into your finances. It’s true that online gambling has its benefits and pitfalls. But if learn as much as you can about the games you like to play and even learn some skills and strategies, there is no reason not to enjoy the challenge they offer. And don’t forget that the right attitude is also important to winning.

How To Choose The Easiest Card Counting System For You

low-stakesThe oldest card counting technique is the hi-lo count. It was developed by the father of card counting Edward Thorpe. The strategy is still one of the most popular counts and is used by a number of famous players. It is a balanced strategy, which makes it a more complex system to play. Balanced counts require an additional process of calculating a true count from the running count.

You must be able to estimate the decks remaining and do the division. This increases the effort required. Hi-lo also includes modifications to basic strategy at specific points in the count. Some also have betting ramp based on the running count so that you wager more with higher counts. Remembering these points requires more energy. For all of these counts, estimates and math must be done while playing at a table with casino noise and people. The Hi-Lo count may prove too strenuous to learn when you are just starting out.

The Hi-Opt I count is a variation of the hi-lo count. Another name for it is the Einstein count in honor of its creator. The difference is the two card has zero value, and the ace also has zero value. But the aces are still a valuable card for the player, so a second side count of ace must be performed. Side counts are additional counts that must be performed along with the main running count.

Wizard Ace Five is the simplest count. The five and ace are the only cards counted. The ace is best card for a player due to a natural blackjack, while the five helps the house. The five card is minus one point while the ace is plus one point, and this is the entire running count. The bad news is you must dramatically increase your bet for every positive number count, doubling the bet each time. This means you may be placing very large bets.

Large wagers are the only to profit from such an easy count. But the profit is very small since the system offers very little advantage. You will not have much success with Wizard Ace Five. Instead, use it to increase your playing time at the table and earn comps from the house.

The KO count is excellent choice to start card counting. This count is unbalanced. In order to achieve simplicity will playing, some edge is lost over the hi-lo count. The KO count is less difficult since unbalanced counts have only a running count and no true count calculation. You no longer need to estimate remaining decks or divide the running count.

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The running count is the one and only count you need. The starting point for the count depends on the number of decks used in a multiple deck game. You may use a two wager system, with the table minimum as low and a high wager of ten time that. However, it is possible to increase your winnings by employing a betting ramp.

The Red Seven is good option for someone new to card counting. The card values are similar to hi-lo, with the exception that red sevens are -1 value and black sevens are 0 value. It is an unbalanced count, requiring only the running count. The start of count varies depending on the decks used in the game. The best advantage is achieved when employing a betting to increase the wager as the count increases.

Best Ways On How To Count Cards

cose-pokerCard counting is basically a casino game mostly used in blackjack to determine whether the next play is likely to give an advantage to the house or the player. This technique is legal in casinos but participants have to be cautious if they get know about it. For one to be at an advantage over a casino, he must be well equipped with skills on how to count cards. On line casinos offer the greatest opportunities to practice the counting skills.

An understanding of this art begins with clearly defining the possible outcomes in a game. In general, low ones tend to favor the house and so you will be well advised to avoid them. High ones on the other hand will put the player in an advantageous position so you must work towards them. One of the most popular strategies is the Hi-low system. It is a simple but highly effective technique and is known to have minimal errors.

This technique requires just a simple balanced sum which is mastered by regular practice. It is by far one of the most widely used in casino. With this method, one has to assign values to various groups of cards. For instance cards ranging between two and six are valued at +1, 7 to 9 are neutral and the rest are at -1.Thus in a game situation, when a low comes out of the deck, the odds are shifting in your favor.

With a deck of cards, keep a running count as you draw them.for instance if they come out in the following order 37569k the count is +1, +1, +2, +3, +3, +2.At any point in the game, a higher running score means you are getting a better position thus you should raise your stake. Card counting enables players to take a higher bid with minimal risks.

Card counting allows one to alter the playing decisions based on the composition of the remaining ones. Players chances of hitting a jackpot are increased by a higher concentration of 10s and aces. One of the major role for counting is assigning point values which roughly correlate a cards effect of removal (EOR). This is typically the effect of drawing a particular card from play and its resulting impact is an advantage to the house.

Efficiency balancing is essential as far as playing, betting and correlation insurances are concerned. As the count grows, the human mind becomes overwhelmed by tasks and computational errors set in.With a balanced count, running sum is quickly converted to a true one making considerations of the number of decks used.

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Most casinos burn card counting devices although they are readily available. Players realized to use any card counters are likely to be harassed by the house. Some casinos even employ facial recognition gadgets to trace the culprits.

One may use harsh methods including physical assault but this is bad for public relations. Frequent shuffling tends to reduce the play time for the non counting players and this consequently reduces the houses winnings. If you work in a team, scout counters may be sent to different tables in order to invite the big better to place his stakes when the odds are in their favor.Participants need to know how to count cards.

Fabulous Bingo Bonus Details

bingo-game2Fabulous Bingo is an spin off from the highly popular Fabulous Magazine which is of course offered free within The Sun Newspaper. The good news for all of our readers is that there’s a exclusive deal which offers 5 totally free, no deposit required!

Fabulous Bingo is truly a fabulous gaming site for individuals who want to enjoy playing inside a welcoming and vivid virtual environment, with a lot of games, large prizes and a exciting atmosphere. Gamers at this website can get ready for a fantastic time, as there is a great deal here to keep you amused. This exciting and brilliantly colored website is built to provide you with a great deal of fun whilst you delight in your favorite game titles, from the comfort and warmth of your home.

The Fabulous Bingo homepage is one that is filled with color and artwork, rendering it a really exciting place to start your thrilling trip with this gambling website. Regardless of the number of colours and pictures, you will easily spot the links to the different regions of the website.

This means you won’t worry about struggling to find your way around and getting to the area of the website that you would like to be in. Easy navigation plus a simple sign up process will mean that it is possible to relax and enjoy some fun without any stress at Fabulous Bingo.

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There’s a good choice of games available at Fabulous Bingo, meaning that it doesn’t matter what types of games you usually play or prefer to play, you are going to always find something that is right up your street. The traditional online bingo games are always popular amongst game enthusiasts, but there’s also other gaming options to suit a diverse range of preferences such as slot machines, scratchcards and common online casino game titles.

If you would like to enjoy even better value with your game play at Fabulous Bingo, it is best to keep your eye on the different marketing promotions and incentives provided by the website. A few of the present promotions with Fabulous Bingo include a generous first deposit bonus, excellent contests, an outstanding re-deposit bonus, and the refer a friend scheme, that can earn you additional bonus money..

Finally, for your benefit there are a number of different payment methods that you are able to choose between when you play at Fabulous Bingo. Some of the most popular deposit options include credit and debit cards, Switch, Paysafecard and also Neteller.

Betting against the public teams in sports betting


If you’re a person who likes sports betting, or you are fascinated by the excitement in betting, you will enjoy the gambling services that are available today. Betting on sports is now an interest for many, with more and more people indulging in this type of internet betting than in other traditional betting games. Betting is now a worldwide phenomenon with most countries establishing laws to legalize and regulate it.

Concise laws have been established to regulate betting it has developed into an industry with many online betting companies competing for members on a global scale. One of the best tips in the sports betting world is to learn to manage the art of betting against the public. This is not so easy to do. The public in sports gambling is your average bettor from off the street that is betting on the more popular team hopping they will win. For instance, the Dallas Cowboys and the LA Lakers are mostly considered public teams. People enjoy Betting on them because they tend to have big names, have large fan bases, are on TV a lot, and just generally get a lot of exposure.

Another popular public bet is the Over in any over or under bet. Sports bettors like to cheer for points and the majority of people will bet on what they want to happen. So one key to making cash at sports betting is to bet against the public. At first, this will feel strange because you’re one of the general public. You from time to time will be betting on teams and situations that your mind says you shouldn’t bet on. One key to gambling against the public is to know whom the public is indeed gambling on.

First of all, make a research to find out which teams are public teams. These teams automatically are given more points than need be because the bookies are accounting for the public bets. In the second place, find tools or bookies internet that give you percentage or wager data. This info will let you know how many people are Gambling on certain teams in sports gambling. Let’s take a look at a great example. Assume the Dallas Cowboys are playing against Jacksonville Jaguars, at Jacksonville. The two teams are very similar teams and with the Jaguars playing at home then they could very easily be a favorite. But everyone loves the Cowboys.

The lines come out and the Cowboys are favored at -3. The general public is going to jump on the Cowboys and in an instant, seventy% of the bets are in on the Cowboys. Now is where you need to start watching what is happening with this line. If for example, the line doesn’t move or even moves towards the Jaguars, you can assume the Jaguars are good to bet on. If you think it’s a good idea then you are wrong, if seventy% are on the Cowboys and the line moves to -5 or something, then this may just be a good game to stay away from.

Betting against the public teams in sports betting

If you’re a person who likes sports betting, or you are fascinated by the excitement in betting, you will enjoy the gambling services that are available today. Betting on sports is now an interest for many, with more and more people indulging in this type of internet betting than in other traditional betting games. Betting is now a worldwide phenomenon with most countries establishing laws to legalize and regulate it. Concise laws have been established to regulate betting it has developed into an industry with many online betting companies competing for members on a global scale. One of the best tips in the sports betting world is to learn to manage the art of betting against the public.

This is not so easy to do. The public in sports gambling is your average bettor from off the street that is betting on the more popular team hopping they will win. For instance, the Dallas Cowboys and the LA Lakers are mostly considered public teams. People enjoy Betting on them because they tend to have big names, have large fan bases, are on TV a lot, and just generally get a lot of exposure.

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Another popular public bet is the Over in any over or under bet. Sports bettors like to cheer for points and the majority of people will bet on what they want to happen. So one key to making cash at sports betting is to bet against the public. At first, this will feel strange because you’re one of the general public. You from time to time will be betting on teams and situations that your mind says you shouldn’t bet on. One key to gambling against the public is to know whom the public is indeed gambling on.

First of all, make a research to find out which teams are public teams. These teams automatically are given more points than need be because the bookies are accounting for the public bets. In the second place, find tools or bookies internet that give you percentage or wager data. This info will let you know how many people are Gambling on certain teams in sports gambling. Let’s take a look at a great example. Assume the Dallas Cowboys are playing against Jacksonville Jaguars, at Jacksonville. The two teams are very similar teams and with the Jaguars playing at home then they could very easily be a favorite. But everyone loves the Cowboys.


Casino Bonus Promos Issues

15Casino bonus promotions are playing exclusive role of enticing brand new customers to the internet betting sites. For that specific purpose, in the busy world of internet gambling, it might be difficult for you to definitely obtain thorough information about all casino bonuses and also current promotions offered.

It may be also hard to know the internet gambling establishments that are superb and people who aren’t up to scratch. This is why we strive to find out and offer online wagering clients with the most information regarding the most lucrative casino bonus promotions where the most important aspect is definitely the service quality that you can expect wagering online.

Many people enjoy playing on the internet a few gambling periods. This is a favorite activity that many grown ups, with healthy approach and no suffering of the betting prejudice, do for amusement while some try earning money. But these believe that if one plays his cards right, he’ll earn a respectable amount from gambling.

However, this is not the only method that expert gamblers make big money. There are many kinds of casino bonus promotions that can be taken advantage of. Figuring out and learning the difference between all casino bonuses promoted helps to maximize revenue and save time that may be wasted on betting useless rewards.

One of the numerous casino bonus promotions which are worth concentrating on is the deposit matching free cash. This is the most common kind of perks which are found practically on every wagering site. Definitely there are certain caps on the deposits and also the amount rewarded relies greatly around the house greediness. Furthermore, based on the house rules, the bonuses could be non-sticky and sticky, which has an influence on the wagering style – aggressive or conservative.

Reload casino bonus promotions are usually coming to the category above as they possibly can be quite lucrative if the house management taking care about their clients. These types of bonuses are mostly relevant to the old established customers who are the players on a regular basis. These customers are provided incentives according to their month-to-month performance or just like any other incentives.

Expert gamblers, whose target is generating from the online betting, are generally using the reload casino bonus promotions quite frequently. However, it is difficult to find a good size reload incentive as the initial generosity of the betting sites expires right upon welcome money is received.

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Preferred deposit extra money as well as loyalty points are useless in the many cases, but can be used for the next 10-15% of the deposited cash. This type of reward really is attributed to payment websites like PayPal, Skrill and also Neteller.

High roller casino bonus promotions are not promoted. Just few web sites actually, for an unknown reason, advertise this kind of promotional. The key reason is that the high roller rewards are flexible at many times. This requires that a customer speak straight to the client support department in order to clarify the deposit withdrawal limits plus the conditions and terms of the exclusive treatment. This mostly applies to clients with big wallets depositing large sums.

Learn How To Play Video Poker

become-a-rakeback-pro-raketherake-428x198The Video Poker is a game of very recent online casino, which began in the 70s, along with the invention of the personal computer. Video poker machines that were invented for the first time are very different to those we have today. The video poker in principle is very similar to a slot machine, but with a touch of poker. The player inserts one or more credits and press the deal button to get cards. 5 cards are dealt to the player from a deck, and earn money if your hand is good enough.

However, there are many variations on this. Many new machines play with five cards, where the player has the option to change three cards with new ones. They can change four cards if they have an ace, in which case you have to change all but the Ace.

Winning hands in video poker put them in a list below in order of lowest to highest value, and so also know how to play video poker. Then later you can see the different variations of video poker.

  • Two pairs – two pairs of cards as 2,2, J, J, 5. do not have to be that ten higher if you have two pairs.
  • Trio – Three cards of the same value. For example 7, 7, 7, 2, King.

Stairs Five cards in numerical order, without being necessarily the same suit. Example 7, 8, 9, 10 J.

  • Color – All cards of the same suit. They do not have to be sorted numerically.
  • Full – A pair combined with a trio. Example 8, 8, R, R, R.
  • Poker – Four cards of the same value. For example 10, 10, 10, 10, 2.
  • Color – staircase Five cards in consecutive order are the same suit.
  • Escalera Real : Same as a straight flush but have the highest cards of the same suit. Ie 10, J, Queen, King and Ace This is the best hand you can have and payment is 800 to the highest amount of credits. Below are some of the most common variations of video poker.
  • Jacks or Better : Most machines do not pay for anything smaller than a pair of jacks.
    Tens or Better : Some machines will give you your stake back if you have a pair of jacks.
  • “Deuces Wild” : In this type of variation, if he is dealt a two then it can be considered as a wildcard. Wildcards can be replaced by any other card in the deck to improve his hand. The Deuces Wild is theoretically a very high return, and if you play with the highest amount of coins may result in a very positive reimbursement.
  • Bonus Poker : The bond refers to a pay raise for having a hand of poker. Some machines add to all this another double bond, which offers increased additional payment for a poker hand with aces.

You can even get a double bonus. This will be offered if you have some cards especially as when offered the first double bond if you have an ace in your hand. Usually these special cards usually 2, 3 or 4 which also contains an ace.

The percentage of reward in most machines increases if you play with the maximum amount of credits. Therefore, in order to have the highest reimbursement can be expected, play with many possible coins as you can at the same time. You can start playing for free, even free slots.

All about Poker

article-2074308-0F0E98BD00000578-329_634x419In these pages we want to provide that information about poker that may not seem relevant to some or something as vital as the rules, tips and tricks of poker. This information we assume you already know something, and it sure has already been implemented in your game. In short, information on how to play poker is vital, and we want to complement even about professional pokerr players if you’re a fan of poker.

But one of the big factors for a good game and knowledge of a game, or life in general, is knowing the better. And we want you to be as informed as possible about everything that happens and the latest in pokerr.

We are confident that if you’re a fan of pokerr, there will already chatted with other players from their own country or other countries to spend perhaps not vital information, but of great interest, such as where to get information about new rooms that come and see if they are good, check things etc. The forums are a very good source of information that often can get a trouble playing pokerr.

If today we say that we are in the era of social networks, we can not pass up everything that is done from these sectors in relation to poker. Poker bets and players who join this game is growing, so inevitably the coverage of this game is to grow.

We do not want anything to escape him now is happening in the world of pokerr. In addition, we will avoid that in those pokerr games at home you check with your friends, you do look like one who does not know anything.

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It is better to impress their opponents, even if they are friends, and maybe even get so fear them because their knowledge may frighten them. It may seem ridiculous, but if many professional pokerr players dress in the Roman

Cesar no purpose, perhaps they want to frighten other players. Each uses the weapons can or want.

Professional Poker

EV55_Day 03_Final TableIf possible. And the one thing that is possible is professionally devoted to one of the passions that move a lot of people. Do you have your own hobby as working imagine? Maybe, well, sure, this is the dream of many, to devote themselves daily to what one likes to do.

This goal, to get to do what one is passionate about, is what has led many fans of Professional poker to become great professionals with great skills in poker. They spend a lot of time playing, which often know they will lose money, because one does not always win. But that’s part of the game: how to lose … but fair.

It is certainly a key, know that sometimes you can win and sometimes not, but when one is dedicated to it, is because he knows he also has some poker skills enough to get to be very good prizes.

On this page we want to show the large number of players in the world, many of them well known for their great game, his playing style in poker, or the big prizes carried. Although many of the poker pros, also known for his eccentricities, as you can read in our specific section in this topic.

What does not go unnoticed is that they all have stories to offer and with us having fun. Sometimes they can become funny stories, on other occasions are surprising events that even today we realize that have occurred. Anyway, always amuses us to have life professionals, often exemplifying game to follow.

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While all poker professionals have in common playing poker, his playing style in poker differs widely, but anyway as play each if passive aggressive or more, at the end they all get results satisfactory. Not always, though. We show you some of poker professionals so you can decide for yourself which one you like best.

Poker tournaments

poker-chips-cardsAre you looking for where to play a poker tournament? Never before you have played in one and want to know what to do to play a poker tournament? And if you’ve ever played but wants to meet other sites where you can test your skills, sure you will want to know that a page like this.

The information we offer is not only warn tournaments there, but will also describe some of the most interesting plays, and everything around tournaments. Often buy in different and that’s one thing to consider. This is just one feature to consider, but among our pages find everything you need to know.

And if it is new, we offer a glossary of poker tournaments because knowing the specific “language” spoken is as important as knowing the rules of the game of poker. It is as if he wants to be a doctor, but do not understand their professional colleagues when they speak. Little will serve his great game.

Tournaments, there are times that are televised, which through a camera is possible to know the cards that each player, and this is one of the recent innovations that has enabled us to know more about the type of game that follows each player. So it’s good to change strategy in different tournaments, especially when their opponents have seen their game elsewhere.

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In short, everything you think you need to know in advance to register for a tournament that is convenient to your budget and your game, you will find in our lines. Do not throw the vacuum without having taken a look and read everything that he knew from the beginning, from the rules of the game of poker to all information that may be helpful.

Poker Online

baccarat-tableWhen playing poker online, you should consider getting the most possible advantages over the competition. There are a lot of ‘chickens’ (weaker players) around the online poker rooms. These are usually people who jump planning to participate in a game of chance, without following the strategies of poker.

Their money is immediately taken by the most experienced players. If you followed the lessons in our poker school and carefully read this guide to online poker, you’ll be on your way to gain the necessary experience to profit from the game on the Internet.

Stay focused on the game

Many online poker players make the mistake of playing distractedly. They decide to watch a movie, talk on the phone, cooking dinner, or surf the net during a game. You have to show respect for the free online poker game, eliminating all distractions before entering an online poker room. Playing poker requires tremendous mental concentration. You have to pay attention to your cards, the post office, to the actions of your opponents, the general course of the game and so on. This is especially true if you play multiple tables. If you find that you have lost concentration, stop playing immediately.

Maintain control

Keep your emotions under control is critical to being successful in poker – and even more when it comes to online poker. You must learn quickly to avoid going on tilt, otherwise you will end up being the losers players. This is what distinguishes the winners from the losers. If you have a tendency to lose his temper after a drubbing, one must learn to recognize the signs – and quit the game before it’s too late.

If you are playing multiple tables, the symptoms of nervousness can spread rapidly in all matches in progress, and a winning session you can easily turn into a financial collapse. You definitely have to think “I can not go on tilt” – and act accordingly!

Game selection and table

If you’re playing money on the Internet, choosing the right table is essential, as well as leave when things get tough. If you see that hand after hand is getting worse, just go back into the main hall and choose another game. Most of the largest online poker sites has a huge amount of traffic at any time of the day.

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There is nothing to be ashamed of, if you bring your chips on another table, and experienced players know the importance of choosing a good table. Obviously you’ll have to select the tables within the reach of your finances.

Anonymity is not an excuse

Sometimes a player makes mistakes in online poker because it plays anonymously. Although many people do not realize it, part of the motivation to do well in playing live poker is to create and preserve a reputation among fellow players. In online poker you can hide behind an avatar and a fictitious name.

This error beginner should easily be avoided by most players. Remember, you’re playing for fun, but also to earn money. If you increase your finances is at least part of the motivation to play poker online, the fact of trying to improve your game and make consistently intelligent decisions should start from you.

Slots Machines bars

20110612101027For people who like slot machines today we have many things to tell you. What are the bar slot machines that pay more? This question is asked so many times that you almost forget to ask the most important question: what are the rules of this game? People are not interested, but that’s okay. The beauty of slot machines is that you do not have to know anything about the rules. Now the answer is unfortunate that very often you will find that slot machines best are played by men. With all the bells and lights that work around you, it seems to work that way. More than anything else is an illusion and are created just to attract customers. All slot machines pay much but split over time. People believe that only luck traits, but with all these winnings that happen, because to stop playing?

The slot that you should not play

Do not waste your time to spend money in the slot machines of the bars or restaurants. This applies to any city. Rarely slot machines offer the highest jackpots and take all your money. There are laws on gambling which govern how often the slot machines must pay and these slots usually pay 75%. It is a very low percentage, makes the very low prices. You should know which sites have the lowest percentages, there and just want to take your money.

Slots to play

If you are in an area of ​​gambling such as Las Vegas and want to spend as much time playing the slot machines, try a less large casino. Some slot machines pay the majority of places that need to attract people. Ask around and check the papers because these slots that pay much will be highly publicized. Play slot machines for fun and for a long time. Do not expect to win some kind of money because these slot machines will not pay much. It is simply a matter mathematics. Each slot machine pays for itself. You have to understand how much it costs money to play and calculate how much you can win. A slot from 5 euro for example can keep only 5%, and earns a lot to the casino.

Specific slot to search

Hidden in the jungle of slot machines there are double bonus games. These are growing in popularity now that the voice is turned. The idea is that the rollers have a symbol that allows to double, and then if you find you can win double the prize for what you have bet. There is never a guarantee but this feature definitely increases the payout percentages. The real treasure chest of slot machines that pay so are the variables slot machines. These have premiums that increase as you play. If you find one of those games that has a high premium, expect it to grow even more. The progressive slot machines work the same way.

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You will learn about all types of games, the various bonuses offered and tricks to win. You’ll have a veritable encyclopedia of all slot machines from bars that you can consult at any time you want and absolutely free. We also will offer free demos of the various machines so that you can start playing online. Besides all that, we’ll keep you informed of all the news and all the background related to the world of bar slot. In short, you are a lover of these fabulous virtual machines, this is your place.

Browse the pages of our site and get to know, to play and have fun with the best machine of the bar slot. The progressive bar slot machines with a relatively large jackpots can have a percentage in your favor. This does not happen very often and it is difficult to find the slot machines to do it. Many times you have to really look long to figure out which ones are paying more and some less.

Poker online casinos

casino-2Playing poker online is excellent as entertainment, and those who know him know that it’s different from playing poker at a table with other people. There are several tips for online casinos poker, that can help a new player to become good. To improve your game, try some of the following tips. If you are just starting out as a poker player on the Internet, it is best to start playing for free.

In this way it is definitely easier to learn a few lessons on good hands, on bad hands and on going all in, if there is the risk of spending your hard earned money in the game. When you feel ready to gamble on money, choose a tournament with a minimum buy-in, so you can experience the thrill of playing for money, but without the risk of losing a lot. After gaining experience, you can select games with higher stakes and best prizes.

Learning to read the flop is important for anyone who wants to become a successful player. The speed of the game requires that players are able to determine how their hand will develop after the flop. If you are not yet good at this, pull out of the game of poker on the internet for a few hands and look at your cards, in addition to those of the flop; after a few laps so you’ll have a clearer idea of ​​what you are doing.

Some people believe that there are signals when playing on the Internet, but to learn to read the behavior of the other players is essential for those who want to win. For example, if a player makes word during the first round of betting, it is not likely to have a good point. Sometimes players try to get to the flop without risking to see if something good comes out.

Emotions can be a very negative factor in this game. If you are worried or upset, it’s more likely to make mistakes that could cost you dear. If you are excited about a winning hand recently, you could go play hands that are not worth it to risk. Remember, the best poker players are quiet and smooth at any time during the game.

Finally, although it should be obvious, when you play online you do not need to have an unruffled face. However, respect for opponents is very important: online poker players should remember to be educated in the chat room, to remain humble when they are ahead, and to congratulate the other of their achievements.

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Online poker is an exciting fun, and there are many tips that can help players to become good. The important thing is to remember not to overdo the game: never deposit more than you can afford to lose. Now that you have learned the basics of success, you can start playing! If you enter your favorite poker room or on any of the online casinos poker site, and look at a few games, you will keep as many players let themselves from the emotions, do not play consistently, and do not keep tabs on their game.

Do not be like them, follow the tips we’ve talked about and you just become the best poker players!

The history of poker


One of the most controversial, loved, hated and respected in the world of gambling games, gambling and cards is, without doubt, poker. The same, either in their online versions or live and live, earn hundreds of fans every year, and increasingly expands more so because of the ease with which you can play poker today. Let’s see where this game came from and what historical road has come until today.

The history of poker is a matter of debate in many forums of historians and prestigious scholars of the history of this game, so the data are not very reliable and several theories about his first appearances are exposed and their predecessors. We know that humanity has opted for a long time and poker seems to date from the earliest times.

Initially, the name of the game likely descended from the German “pochen” which means hitting. However, there are some historians who disagree that the games concerned by this word are the true ancestors of pokerr. Meanwhile, poker has many similarities with the Persian game “as nas,” which may have been taught by Persian sailors to the French colonists in the port of New Orleans.

On the other hand, the English game “brag” and the French “Blean” were the first to incorporate the lying, cheating or “bluff” in its development, so it is quite possible that all of these games have outlined the path follow poker history until today. In New Orleans, in 1828 and 1829, used to be played with a deck of 20 cards, and each player would bet on which hand the highest value. Apparently, here place the first card combinations like Royal Flush and Pokerr itself.

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After the expansion along the Mississippi River, it began to use the English deck of 52 cards, and the combination of “color” to mean a high hand in value was introduced. During what is known as the American Civil War or War of Ceseción, settlers and soldiers added many things poker, as new rules, new decks, born here the first steps towards the Texas Hold’em Pokerr is played both today in day.

What exactly do know is that one of the landmarks of world pokerr, the annual celebration of the World Series of Poker, took place in 1970. In this year became widespread this game and went on to take the final form it would take today . The history of poker is a very exciting development in this famous card game element.

Video Poker Free

video-poker-live-vegasYou should know that when you play online at free video poker, decisions have a major impact on the result. So before you start playing blindly (and throwing your money) as does most of the players, you have to take a few minutes to learn to play really well. Of course, you should start by carefully choosing an online casino with generous bonus opportunities and a decent comp program.

You must also select a video poker with acceptable percentages – with low levels of variance in order to minimize the house edge. Both of these decisions will give you a solid foundation and a good setting for your future experience with the machines, but they can not make you win alone.

If you really want to succeed, you will have to do more than choose the right game: you have to know how to play properly! Think of the comparison with a formula one car: a bigger engine is not necessarily useful, unless you have the ability to exploit it! To perfect your skills at video poker you need to research the best (or at least optimal) strategy to the game that you choose to try. These strategy guides can vary greatly in terms of complexity, but to start take a look at our basic tips for playing Jacks or Better.

Jacks or Better: Basic Strategy

This is a basic list of the moves to do to win the free Jacks or Better video poker. We assume you already know you should bet the maximum credits (five per revolution) and that you are able to take the key decisions.

Follow these tips will not take you to play at 100% as if you followed a perfect guide, but should produce a significant improvement compared to a game played haphazardly. So without further ado, here are the answers to five of the most common difficult decisions that you will face in Jacks or Better.

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Number one: if you find yourself faced with the dilemma of abandoning a royal flush served groped for a Royal Flush, take the safer route and keep the point you. Number two: when you have to decide between a straight flush or four-fifths of the actual maximum, choose the first. Number three: when you have to decide between a high pair and a flush draw, choose the pair that pays. Number four: when you have a hand where you can groped both the color and the scale, opt for color.

Pull the money

What is the underlying message that accompanies all five of these tips? Do not throw away a winning hand, hoping to improve the point! This conservative playing style is exactly what the optimal video poker strategy suggests, and having the discipline to stick to this rule is the key to success. Every single day the optimists players throw away precious hands, chasing dreams that never come true. Resist the temptation to follow your instincts, and rather follow the rules of video poker for free. We can not guarantee that you will win, but playing well (and following our advice) will improve greatly your chances in Jacks or Better.

Online video poker

Cara-Mencari-Tempat-Yang-Cocok-Untuk-Bermain-Poker-OnlineWhen playing video poker only 21% of the hands dealt offers a score at or above the pair of jacks, which means that 79% of the hands you play results in a loss. The question is what to do with these hands losers, in order to reduce the negative influence. The best advice to follow to increase your chances to win are our suggestions for the video poker.

First try to look for machines that pay 9 coins for a full house and 6 for a flush. If you play on a progressive video poker that pays 8 coins for a full house and 5 coins for a flush, try to play on a machine that has a progressive jackpot of at least 250 € for games at 1 cent, at least 2,500 euro for games to 25 cents, and at least 10,000 Euros for the games to 1 euro.

If you are playing on a progressive video poker, always bet the maximum amount, so you can get the bonus for royal flush, which will be huge. If you belong to the beginners category, try to find the games that work on coins, to win something before you go to the video poker for higher stakes. Try using a card slot, if available, as many of the major casinos have this feature; thus you will be able to get credit for the time spent playing video poker online. If you play on these machines you can get some benefit.

The more you play, the more you earn credits on the card, to redeem comp points as free food or even to get a free accommodation. Before you start playing with a card, try to find out how many points you will receive for each euro that you point. Also try to figure out how many comp points you will be awarded based on the size of game.

Take the time you need for each hand that is served there. Whereas you are playing against a machine and not with other people, no one will accuse you of being slow. Jack is the best card to hold. Many players do not realize that the Ace is not that important. Jack is the preferred card, one to be kept instead of the Ace, because it offers more opportunities to score points that pay better. There are more than 100 types of the available video poker. Each of them has different strategies and different payout tables.

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Even if you are playing against a machine, you can still have an advantage, if you have some skill in poker. These skills can be acquired by playing poker on your computer or mobile phone. In this way you can hone their skills and strategies, without incurring any cost. Instead try new strategies and new styles of play on real video poker online could be very expensive.

These are some tips to follow to try to win the online video poker. Below we offer some common video poker strategies that you can put in place to increase the chances of getting a big win. Never hold on a trailer, if you serve a couple. Maintaining a trailer when you already have a point in fact decrease your winning percentage of 5%.